The DiMaggio Brothers and Their Stats

Joe DiMaggio  1914-1999

I have been reading The DiMaggios: Three Brothers, Their Passion For Baseball, Their Pursuit of the American Dream by Tom Clavin. I am only about 52 percent through with the book, but the book has made me curious about their stats. I know Joe has the better numbers and is only Hall of Famer of the three brothers, but Dom and Vince DiMaggio also were good players.

Lifetime Statistics of Joe, Dominic and Vince DiMaggio

Major League Debuts

Joe – May 3, 1936 at age of 21

Vince – April 19, 1937 at age of 24

Dom – April 16, 1940 at age of 23

Years Played

Joe – 13…. Joe not only missed 3 years during World War II, but also played in less than 140 games in 8 of his 13 seasons.

Dom – 11…. Dom also missed 3 years due to World War II.

Vince – 10

Joe and Dom both missed three full seasons during World War II, while Vince played baseball during the war.

Rosalia DiMaggio, Joe, Giuseppe DiMaggio and Joe at Dominic’s wedding.

Plate Appearances

Joe – 7,673

Dom – 6,478

Vince – 4,31


Joe – 2,214

Dom – 1,680

Vince – 959

Dominic DiMaggio 1917-2009

Home Runs 

Joe – 361

Dom – 87

Vince – 125

Runs Batted In

Joe – 1,537

Dom – 618

Vince – 584

Vince, Joe and Dominic DiMaggio

Stolen Bases

Joe – 30

Dom – 100…. Dom led the AL in stolen bases in 1950 with 15.

Vince – 79


Joe – 369…. Joe never struck out more than 39 times in a season.

Dom – 571…. Dom never struck out more than 68 times in a season.

Vince – 837…. Vince led the NL in strikeouts 6 times, with him leading the NL in 1944 with only 83 strikeouts.

This photo is probably the last photo of all three DiMaggio brothers, with Vince, Dominic and Joe appearing at an old timers game in 1986. Vince died on October 3, 1986 at the age of 74, due to cancer ending his life.

Base on Balls

Joe – 790

Dom – 750…. Dom had only 40 less walks than Joe, even though Joe had 1,195 more plate appearances.

Vince – 412

Batting Average

Joe – .325

Dom – .298

Vince – .249

Vince DiMaggio 1912-1986

On Base Percentage

Joe – .398

Dom – .383

Vince – .324

Slugging Percentage

Joe – .579

Dom – .419

Vince – .413

On Base Plus Slugging Percentage

Joe – .977

Dom – .802

Vince .737


Joe – 153

Dom – 147

Vince – 131

Totals For All Three Brothers

Home Runs – 573

RBI – 2,739

There may be some two brother combinations with better numbers, but doubt any other three brothers combination posted these kind of numbers.

Hall of Fame

Joe – Elected to Baseball Hall of Fame in 1955 with 88.8 percent of the vote on his fourth try.

Dom – Peaked at 11.3 percent of vote in 1973.

Vince – Never on the ballot.

All Star Games

Joe – All Star in all of his 13 seasons…. Joe also won 3 AL MVP awards in 1939, 1941 and 1947.

Dom – All Star 7 times.

Vince – All Star twice.

From the Book – There is a great story in the book, about the father of the family, who wasn’t impressed with his sons playing baseball, so he would throw the spikes and glove belonging to Vince in the trash. His mom would retrieve them and give them back to Vince

However, the father suddenly changed his mind about baseball, when Vince placed $1,500 on the table. His dad was OK with baseball after he found out, that ball players actually were making money.

It was interesting to find out that some Pacific Coast League teams were paying their players the same minimum salary, that was being paid to major league players that year.

Joe was not cut out for the family fishing business, because he would throw up from being around the fish on the boat.

Summary – Joe was clearly the best of the three DiMaggio brothers, who played major league baseball, but they all left their mark in baseball history, with all three having played in All Star games. All three were almost exclusively center fielders during their careers. Joe was not the same player after the war. In fact his last season before military service saw his establish career lows at the time in home runs, runs batted in and batting average. It was even worse after his return from the military at the age of 31. He hit more than 30 home runs twice in his last 6 seasons, and he drove in 100 or more runs twice in the last 6 seasons.

Joe, Dominic and Vince may be gone now, but they left an indelible mark on baseball history, that will always be with fans who lived during that era.


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