A-Rod Reportedly Using Steroids 2009-2012


Alex Rodriguez may never play another game for the New York Yankees, or any other major league team, if this report from ESPN proves to be true. Rodriguez hit two more home runs (18) and drove in 5 fewer runs (57) in 2012, than he totaled in 2011 even with making 101 more plate appearances in 2012.

This report showing records of Biogenesis of America shows that Rodriguez was purchasing steroids from 2009-2012. This revelation could signal the end of the career of Alex Rodriguez. He was thought of at one time to have a chance to pass Barry “Balco” Bonds as the all-time home run leader, but now he may be lucky to even pass Willie Mays at 660 home runs.

Rodriguez had a .222 OPS again in the 2012 postseason, with 3 singles in 27 plate appearances, while striking out 12 times. Rodriguez can expect little support from baseball writers, when he becomes eligible for the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Some players listed in the documents have never been suspended, but that could change when the MLB investigates the document. Nelson Cruz and Gio Gonzalez could both be suspended, even though they have never tested positive.




Baseball lost two Hall of Famers recently with the deaths of Earl Weaver and Stan Musial. If there were ever two opposites, then these two were as opposite as night and day. Weaver didn’t like umpires and was not the kind to hold back his feelings, when questioned by reporters.
Stan Musial, on the other hand in all the time I have followed his career since the middle 50’s till his death has never made a derogatory statement about anyone, or has anyone said anything criticizing Musial.

Speaking of the Hall of Fame the baseball writers muffed their chance to send Craig Biggio to the Hall of Fame in his first attempt. I can’t see how a writer could not list Biggio on their ballot, considering he has over 3,000 and hit more doubles, than any right-handed hitter in the history of baseball. Biggio made his news on the field, unlike a lot of players today.

Five free agent position players have over 300 home runs in their career, yet have not signed with a team for the 2013 season:






Michael Bourn is surprisingly still without a team with spring training starting in about two weeks….Other well-known  position players without a team as of today are Bobby Abreu, Grady Sizemore, Freddy Sanchez and Travis Hafner.

Kyle Lohse was 16-3 last season, yet still hasn’t been signed as a free agent. Livan Hernandez with 178 lifetime wins is still unsigned, along with Derek Lowe with 175 wins, Kevin Millwood 169 wins, Roy Oswalt 163 wins and Carlos Zambrano with 132 wins.

Four closers with over 200 saves remain unsigned including Jason Isringhausen with 300 saves, Francisco Rodriguez 294 saves, Jose Valverde 277 saves and Brian Fuentes with 204 saves.

Ed Bouchee has died at the age of age of 79 in Phoenix Arizona on January 23, 2013. Bouchee played seven years total in stints with the Phillies, Cubs and Mets. Bouchee was one of the original expansion Mets in 1962 and hit .161 that year, which would be his last major league season.






  1. Ron Sayles

    Welcome back! You were sorely missed. Another steroid casualty, it is ashamed that cheating has become a way of life in professional athletics. As Lance Armstrong, everybody is doing it.

  2. Peter Stocks

    The players consider the risk lower than the reward or else they would not be still doing this. What a shame for baseball that we are still talking about this. Once again, where is the Commissioner?

  3. Andrew Godfrey

    The last time A-Rod admitted using steroids we didn’t hear from Bud Selig for five days. It was announced on a Saturday and Bud didn’t come out of hiding till the next Thursday. Selig doesn’t like to make decisions, except how to spend the $22 million a year salary.

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