MLB Wild Card Races


Only a game-and-a-half separate Oakland, Baltimore, Tampa Bay and Los Angeles in the AL wild card race. Oakland is 14 percentage points ahead of Baltimore, while Tampa Bay is a game back and Los Angeles who are a game-and-a-half back of Oakland.

Los Angeles has won 8 of their last 10 games, making them the hottest team in the AL wild card team.

Baltimore and Tampa Bay would prefer to finish in first place in the AL East, than play one game to determine which wild card team advances to the ALDS. Oakland is in the identical situation in the AL West, but they are only three games behind first place Texas.


Atlanta leads St.Louis by 38 points in the NL wild card race. Los Angeles is next and are one game behind Atlanta and St. Louis. Pittsburgh is only two-and-a-half  games back of the NL wild card leaders.

Pittsburgh was 16 games over .500 earlier this season, but are only four games over .500 after last night’s game. It would be very disappointing for Pittsburgh to finish over .500 after being in contention for the NL Central title most of season. They haven’t finished over .500 since Barry Bonds left the team for San Francisco after the 1992 season.

Milwaukee and Philadelphia are both five games behind the leader, but are both one win shy, of playing .500 baseball. Neither team can be taken seriously, until they reach the .500 mark.




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