Gossage Says Clemens Lied About Steroids Use

Goose Gossage said today that he doesn’t think Roger Clemens should be voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.


I am glad that Goose Gossage said that Roger Clemens should not be admitted into the Hall of Fame today. It is time more former ballplayers speak up against Clemens and the other cheaters who are already on the Hall of Fame ballot, or will soon be on the list of Hall of Fame eligible players.

Most of the pitchers who have been linked to steroids have been second rung pitchers. Clemens is the only potential Hall of Fame pitcher, that I know of, that has been linked to steroids. There was a reason his name was mentioned in the Mitchell Report.

I agree with Gossage that the players who used steroids, without penalty in 2003 should be identified and not be protected by MLB and the Player’s Union. MLB has made some incredibly bad decisions, but to tell the players to take all steroids you want in 2003 and hit all the steroids-laced home runs you can, tells me that the record books meant nothing to MLB.


Jeff Bagwell garnered 56 percent of the vote. There are some writers that say Bagwell used steroids, while others defend him. What would happen if Bagwell is voted into the Hall of Fame and then later found out, to have used steroids?

He has Hall of Fame worthy stats, but how did he get those stats. These two writers differ on whether he used steroids.

Asher B. Chancey of BaseballEvolution.com thinks Bagwell did use steroids and not only used them, but was a conduit to provide other players with them.


This Atlantic Wire article defends Bagwell, which quotes several writers defending Bagwell:


Mark McGwire polled his lowest percentage of votes in the 2012 voting with 19.5 percent, among players linked to steroids, His statement admitting using steroids, but saying they made no difference, shows that he is not the least bit remorseful, for cheating the Maris family out their dad’s single season home run record, then another even bigger cheater Barry “Balco” Bonds proceeded to hit 73 home runs to break McGwire’s ill-gotten record.

Rafael Palmeiro who actually tested positive for steroids only polled 12.5 percent in his second year and he could disappear from the ballot altogether after 2013, with the influx of stars on the ballot for the first time. Juan Gonzalez received 4 percent which means he is not eligible to be on the 2013 ballot.

Other steroids-linked players on the 2013 ballot for the first time include Barry “Balco” Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza, who has been rumored to have used steroids.

We need more players like Goose Gossage, who don’t want the Hall of Fame cheated, by admitting players who almost certainly used steroids, whether they failed a drug test or not.

Nobody ever looked more like they were on steroids more than Bonds. He almost looked grotesque, with him becoming a behemoth of a man, who had to be using something, to change his head size and shoe size.

It will be interesting to see how the voting goes, when they announce the Hall of Fame voting next January.



  1. Ron Sayles

    Any player who used steroids SHOULD NOT be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Maybe the Hall of Shame, but not the Hall of Fame. If any steroid user makes it to the hallowed halls, that should open the door for Pete Rose who got all 4,000 plus of his hits honestly.

    • Andrew Godfrey

      Ron, I couldn’t agree with you more. Why let the same guys that have turned the record books into meaningless pages of garbage enjoy the adulation of being a Hall of Famer? I agree Pete Rose should have been in Hall of Fame years ago. It may have been wrong to gamble on baseball, but it never resulted in affecting the game the way steroids has. The Giants may not have been in the 2002 World Series if not for Balco Bonds cheating.

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