Who Would Have Thought?: A Review of First Third of MLB Season

Albert Pujols hit his first 2012 home run on May 6 but hit eight home runs during the month.

Who would have thought that Albert Pujols would have no home runs and 4 RBI at the end of the month of April, while hitting .217 and slugging .304? Pujols did much better in May hitting 8 home runs and driving in 24 runs. In addition, he raised his average from .217 at the end of the month of April, to .243 at the end of May. His slugging percentage jumped from .304 in April to .408 by the end of May.Pujols had 14 walks combined by the end of May, but has already walked four times in the first three games in June.He is presently hitting .235 which if it continues, would be the fourth season in a row, in which his average has fell from the previous season. He hit .357 in 2008, .327 in 2009, .312 in 2010 and .299 in 2011 and hitting .235 currently in 2012.

Who would have thought that with the season a third over that Ryan Howard and Chase Utley would not have played their first game for the Phillies? Or that Cliff Lee would not have a win after his first eight starts, while allowing 11 runs, 24 hits in his last three starts in 20 innings.

Who would have thought that Adam Dunn would have 17 home runs and 38 RBI in 54 games, after having hit 11 home runs and driving in 42 runs in 2011 season? Dunn has already matched exactly the 27 extra base hits of 2012.

Who would have thought that the No.1 and No.5 starters for the Chicago Cubs have not recorded a win in the first third of the 2012 season?

Who would have thought that Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira have combined to hit 18 home runs and drive in 54 runs, while Josh Hamilton has hit 21 home runs and drove in 57 runs by himself? Hamilton needs only 13 more points to improve his batting average, to be leading in all three Triple Crown categories. An AL player hasn’t won the Triple Crown for 45 years.

Who would have thought that Mark Reynolds who hit 37 home runs last season would only have 3 home runs in 2012?

Who would have thought that all the AL East and NL East teams would have winning records as of today?

Who would have thought that the Nationals, Mets and Marlins would be in a three-way tie for first place in NL East? On this date last season the Nationals were 9 back, the Mets 7 back and the Marlins were 2 back.

Who would have thought that the Pittsburgh Pirates would be in second place in the NL Central and a half game ahead of the third place Cardinals?

Who would have thought that Melky Cabrera would be leading MLB in batting average at .371, hits with 82 and triples with 7? He is on track for his second consecutive 200 hit season.

Who would have thought that R.A. Dickey who was 8-13 last season for the Mets is currently 8-1? Or that Lance Lynn who was 1-1 for the Cardinals in 2011 is 8-1 this season and could be on the All-Star team, since his coach Mike Matheny will be the All-Star coach.


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