Albert Pujols: Back on Track

Albert Pujols seems to be back on track. After hitting one home run in his first 37 games he has hit 4 home runs in his last 9 games. His home run yesterday was the 450th of his career.

He has hit .325 in the last 10 games, raising his batting average to .225. I knew he was too good to not come out of his slump. He may not hit 30 home runs and drive in 100 runs this season, but still could be a huge factor in the AL West race.

Adam Dunn is rebounding from a horrific 2011 season when he hit only 11 home runs and drove in 42. He is only 45 games into the 2012 season and has 14 home runs, which is second best in the majors. His 33 RBI are fourth in the AL.

Dunn didn’t drive in his 33rd run last season till July 8 in 2012. projects Dunn to hit 50 HR’s and 119 RBI by the end of the 2012 season.However he is 3-17 in his last six games, but two of those hits were home runs.Last year Dunn hit a home run every 37.7 AB’s, but this year is homering every 11.1 AB’s.

Baltimore Orioles have their best fifth best winning percentage, to start the 2012 season with a .622 percentage after their 28-17 start. The only better winning percentages were when they played in the World Series. The Orioles were 69-93 with a .426 winning percentage in 2011. They haven’t played in a World Series since 1983, a 29 year absence from the fall classic.

Players Approaching Hitting Milestones

Ichiro Suzuki needs 18 hits to notch his 2,500th hit… .Carlos Beltran is 38 hits short of reaching 2,000 hits….Derek Jeter needs 3 hits to move into 15th place on the all-time hit list and passing George Brett. Jeter currently has 3,152 hits. He needs 104 hits to move past Eddie Murray who has 3,255 hits, placing Jeter 12th on the career list.

David Ortiz will hit his 400th home run with 12 short of that goal with 388…. Derek Jeter is five home runs short of the 250th home run milestone…. Prince Fielder needs 13 to reach the 250 home runs mark.

Several players are approaching the 200 home runs mark:

200 Home Runs
Adrian Gonzalez 198 2 to milestone
Dan Uggla 196 4 to milestone
Travis Hafner 195 5 to milestone
Justin Morneau 193 7 to milestone
Nick Swisher 192 8 to milestone
David Wright 188 12 to milestone
Chase Utley 188 12 to milestone


  1. Hb Haley

    Andrew, I recall you and I literally dreading another season with Dunn, before season start. Now – it’s exciting actually when he steps up to bat. Who knew?

    • Andrew Godfrey

      Hb…That is right….figured Dunn was going to have another horrific season. Instead he has the 3rd most home runs in the majors and is projected to hit 53 and drive in 123 runs this season.

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