Nolan Ryan Says Hamilton Deal May Not Be Done Till This Fall, A-Rod’s Power Outage

It appears the Texas Rangers have all but given up, on signing Josh Hamilton to a long-term contract. Nolan Ryan the president of the Rangers, stated this week, it may be late November or early December, before the Rangers and Josh Hamilton may work out a deal.

Ryan also said GM Jon Daniels was in contact with Hamilton’s representatives, during the offseason and spring training. 

Since we aren’t privy to what was discussed during these meetings, it has me thinking that either the Rangers haven’t made a serious offer to Hamilton or that the slugger wants to test the free agency waters, rather than giving the Rangers first chance to sign him.

Hamilton said that he will let God’s will lead him in making the right decision. Hamilton should command a huge contract on the open market. The Rangers signed Derek Holland to a 5 year contract extension in March, then also signed Ian Kinsler to a 5 year extension in April.

We can only guess what Hamilton is asking and what Rangers are offering, if there has been an offer. The four home run game will make it tougher to sign Hamilton, but the question is are the Rangers going to make Hamilton an offer he can’t refuse or just let him walk after the 2012 season.

Unless the two sides come to an agreement during the season, which now appears unlikely the Hamilton signing could be the most noteworthy signing this winter.

Alex Rodriguez Power Outage Continues

The 2012 major league season is close to the quarter of the season mark and Alex Rodriguez continues to not hit home runs, like he has in the past. project Rodriguez to hit 20 home runs and drive in 61 runs. Those numbers are similar to the 16 home runs and 62 RBI that he posted in 2011 in 99 games, while the ESPN projection is for 158 games. 

His home runs per at-bat have dropped every year since he hit 54 home runs in 2007, when he homered every 10.8 at bats.


2007 – 10.8

2008 – 14.6

2009 – 14.8

2010 – 17.4

2011 – 23.3

2012 – 28.0

Rodriguez will be 37 on July 27, so time is running out on him, if he hopes to pass the 762 home runs, hit by Barry Bonds.

He currently has hit 634 home runs and needs 129 to pass Bonds. It will take Rodriguez to hit at least 25 more home runs this season giving him 659 for his career, plus hit 104 more in the next three seasons for him to pass Bonds. He has missed 123 games over the last three seasons, so if his health continues to deteriorate he will play fewer games each season, making it more difficult to hit the home runs needed to be the all-time home run champion.

It was April 27th when Rodriguez hit his 4th home run of the 2012 season. Since then he has hit only one home run in the last 18 games. He has hit .345 in May, but only has one home run and 4 RBI.

33 players have more than the 5 home runs hit by Rodriguez and 67 players have driven in more than his 15 RBI in 2012.

He is not even ranked well among the Yankee players in power numbers:

Doubles – 7th with 4 which is only 2 more than Brett Gardner who has played 9 games

Home Runs – 4th with 5 which ties him with Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira

Runs Batted In – Tied for 6th with Derek Jeter with each player having 15 RBI

Total Bases – 5th with 59

Slugging Percentage – 9th at .410

On Base Plus Slugging Percentage – 7th at .787

Extra Base Hits – 6th with 9 


Even Raul Ibanez has hit three more home runs than Rodriguez with 8 HR and has 9 more RBI. 

It would be a shock to me if he suddenly starts hitting home runs in bunches again. 

There is no reason Rodriguez should be earning $30 million this season, in addition to Teixeira earning $24.2 million. They are earning a combined $54 million, while Curtis Granderson is earning $10 million this season for hitting 13 home runs, which is three more than Rodriguez and Teixeria have hit combined in 2012.


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