Texas Rangers Erred by Not Offering Josh Hamilton Extension Before Season

Josh Hamilton became the fifth player to hit four home runs in a game since 1986 in the Rangers 10-3 victory over the Orioles.


The Texas Rangers may be rethinking their decision, to not offer Josh Hamilton an extension, after he became the sixteenth player, to hit four home runs in a game. They may have erred by signing other less deserving Rangers to long-term extensions during the offseason, while not taking care of their franchise player.

Hamilton accomplished the feat in front of only 11,263 Baltimore Orioles fans.

The feat will make it tougher for the Texas Rangers front office to sign Hamilton to an extension, as his asking price will almost surely escalate after Hamilton hit the four homes and a double on a 5-5 night at the plate, while driving in eight runs.

Hamilton now leads the majors in home runs with 14, in RBI with 36, in batting average at .406, in slugging with .840 percentage. He also leads in total bases with 89.

The Rangers need to get Hamilton to the bargaining table as soon as possible, before he decides to test the free agency waters, now that he is in a good place for a long-term contract.



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