Albert Pujols Hitting .202 With No Home Runs On May 4

The California dream of Albert Pujols has turned into a nightmare as he starts play today hitting .202 and is 1-12 for the month of May for a .083 average this month and has only one RBI since April 15.

If someone had made a bet saying Albert Pujols would not have a home run entering play on May 4, that person would have plenty of takers. However if someone had made that bet they would be a rich man today and a lot of gamblers would be out a lot of money.

Pujols is not even hitting left handers well with 4 hits in 29 at bats for a .138 batting average. He hit left handers at a .295 clip in 2011, so it is a mystery why he isn’t hitting left handers in 2012.

His batting average in the last 10 games is only .128, with one RBI and one walk in that span. It is troubling to the Angels to say the least, to see Pujols slugging .279 this season, after having slugged over .600 seven times in his career.

You would think the Angels GM would have noticed that the offensive numbers of Pujols have been trending downward. It is plain to see that his offensive numbers have been dipping since the 2009 season.

HOME RUNS – 2009: 47,    2010: 42,     2011: 37, 2012: 0

RBI – 2009: 135,     2010 – 118,     2011:99,     2012: 5

BATTING AVERAGE – 2009: 327,    2010: .312,    2011: .299,    2012: 202

ON BASE PERCENTAGE – 2009: .443,    2010: .414,    2011: .366,    2012: .245

SLUGGING PERCENTAGE – 2009: .658,     2010: .596,    2011: .541,     2012: .279

ON BASE PLUS SLUGGING PERCENTAGE: 2009: 1.101,    2010: 1.011,    2011: .906,    2012: .524

One stat that really jumps out is the fact that Pujols is 2-19 with runners in scoring position with a .111 batting average.

Pujols has never had a season in which he didn’t hit at least 30 home runs, but he will need to hit six homers a month, during the next five months to hit 30 this season.

To make matters worse the Angeles attendance after the first 14 home games is down 76,460, while the fans per game total is 5.461 less than in 2011.

We may see Pujols end this slump anyday, but there is almost no chance of him rebounding enough to match or surpass his 2011 numbers. He may not even hit 600 home runs since he still needs 155 to reach that goal.

If this contract proves to be a huge waste of money, teams may think twice before signing another player to a mega contract.


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