Pettitte Misremembers Again in Second Clemens Perjury Trial

Andy Pettitte testified yesterday in the Roger Clemens perjury trial and is slated to return today for more of his testimony.

The prosecution in the second Roger Clemens perjury trial presented their star witness Andy Pettitte, former teammate of Clemens during the trial yesterday.

Pettitte said he remembers Clemens telling him, that he used HGH. Clemens told Congress that Pettitte misremembered what he had told Pettitte, when he testified before Congress.

Personally, I think Clemens will say anything to discredit Petttitte’s testimony, since the testimony of Pettitte is crucial to the case for the prosecution.

There is no reason for Pettitte to lie, but there is every reason for Clemens to lie, since if he tells the truth he could face time in prison.

The defense will use every legal trick imaginable, to impugn the testimony of Pettitte. The testimony of Brian McNamee former trainer for Clemens and Pettitte may hold little weight with the jury, since he was so involved with injecting steroids.

Pettitte who is in the midst of a comeback attempt to pitch for the New York Yankees is probably anxious to get back to the baseball field and finish his testimony as soon as possible.

I can still remember Clemens appearing on 60 Minutes and being interviewed by Mike Wallace and how adamantly he denied using steroids. 

It will be interesting to learn the verdict in this trial, so we can finally get some closure on how involved Clemens was in using steroids.

The following timeline of Clemens details his alleged involvement with Brian McNamee, who purportedly injected Clemens with steroids as early as 1998:

It will be interesting to find out if the defense can create doubt about Pettitte’s testimony. If not, I look for the jury to render a guilty verdict at the end of the trial. Pettitte is the cornerstone of the prosecution’s case, so if the defense creates doubt in the mind of the jurors Clemens could walk free.

McNamee who supplied syringes and other paraphernalia to the prosecution, that he alleges contain the DNA of Clemens could be an important witness. However, it may be difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that the evidence wasn’t planted by McNamee.

The trial should be completed in the next couple of weeks, but if Clemens receives a guilty verdict it will be interesting to see what kind of a sentence, that he will receive from the court.

This article gives even more details about the trial:





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