Clemens Trial: Seven Jurors Never Heard Of Clemens

It was surprising to know that seven of the jurors selected for the second trial of Roger Clemens had never heard of him..There are some American League batters, that wish they had never heard of him either. Fans who don’t look upon steroids users as heroes, also wish they have never heard of Clemens.

The prosecution suffered a serious blow when U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton ruled that Andy Pettitte, the former Yankee teammate of Clemens will not be allowed to tell where he obtained his HGH, since it could infer that Clemens was guilty by association. Pettitte will be allowed to testify about HGH, but can’t see why he would be called to testify, since he can only talk about HGH, which should little or no effect on the trial itself.

The jury will be faced with a decision to decide who is lying, Clemens or his former trainer Brian McNamee, who says he injected Clemens with steroids and HGH, while Clemens maintains that he never used either. So we know someone is lying and hopefully by the end of the trial we will know who that person is. 

My personal belief is that Clemens did take the steroids and that he was in a steroids rage the time he hit Mike Piazza in the head with a pitch.

I think the judge should not have called a mistrial in the first trial, when the prosecution showed inadmissible evidence in the form of a videotape. It seems like the judge should have instructed the jury to disregard that evidence and go on with the trial.

Instead the government is spending even more money on a second trial. I still respect the old adage about  being innocent till proven guilty, but still think Clemens has showed a pattern of lying before Congress, on 60 Minutes and in the first trial and will probably continue to lie in the second trial. 

There is a chance Roger Clemens will walk away from this trial a free man, but if he is proven guilty he needs to serve some time in prison, for repeatedly lying about his steroids use since it has cost the government a lot of time and money to prosecute him in two trials.



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