Saturday April 21, 2012: Two Games To Remember

Phillip Humber of the Chicago White Sox who pitched the 21st perfect game in major league baseball history pauses to look at the scoreboard after the game.

I was watching the Red Sox – Yankees game yesterday, which I will get back to later, when the announcers were talking about Phillip Humber of the Chicago White Sox had a perfect game in progress against the Seattle Mariners. 

Then the FOX network took us to the game to show the ninth inning of the game. Humber went to three ball counts on Michael Saunders and the last batter Brendan Ryan but struck both of them out. John Jason the second batter of the inning had flied out to center for the second out of the inning.

Humber was making only his second start of the season, since he was held out the first couple to times eh was due to start.

It is news when a No.5 starter pitches a perfect game. The win was only the 12th of Humber’s major league career. He had entered the game as the White Sox starter with the lowest ERA of 1.69. His ERA was lowered to 0.63, by the time he recorded the last out.Humber is the only AL pitcher to throw a shutout in 2012. 

Humber, who was drafted by the New York Mets in 2004 was the No.3 pick behind No. 1 Matt 
Bush and No.2 Justin Verlander.  It is amazing that he only pitched 9 innings for the Mets and then pitched only 20 innings for the Twins after coming to them in the Johan Santana trade. 

Then he was signed as a free agent by the Kansas City Royals but pitched only 21 innings. The Oakland Athletics picked him up off the waiver wire, but he never pitched for them.

His big break came when the White Sox picked him up off the waiver wire in January of 2011 and he was inserted into their starting rotation and posted a 9-9 record and a 3.75 ERA.

It is strange that three teams had Humber on their roster and none of them let him pitch more than 21 innings, despite being the No.3 pick in the 2004 draft. The White Sox made a brilliant move by picking him up off the waiver wire from the Athletics and gave him a chance to be in their starting rotation.

Humber is pitching in his seventh major league season but is only earning $530,000 this year, which is only $50,000 more than the minimum salary for a major league player of $480,000.

Yankees 15 Red Sox 9

It is not everyday that a team like the Red Sox takes a 9-0 lead, but then gives up 15 unanswered runs in one of the biggest pitching meltdowns ever, but that is exactly what happened at Fenway Park yesterday.

The Red Sox were leading 9-0 after five innings but Felix Dubront the Red Sox starter gave up a solo home run in the sixth inning to Mark Teixeira, which made the score 9-1. Then in the seventh inning Nick Swisher hit a grand slam to make it a 9-5 game, then Teixeira hits a three run home run to make it 9-8.

It only got worse for the Red Sox when the Yankees scored seven more times in the eighth inning, to take a 15-9 lead which would be the final score.

Red Sox relievers Vicente Padilla, Matt Albers, Franklin Morales, Alfredo Aceves and Justin Thomas were able to record only five outs, While they were on the mound the five relievers allowed 14 runs, 11 hits,five walks and two home runs.

Aceves who may not be the designated closer for the Red Sox but has their only two saves, left the game with an ERA of 24.00.

Red Sox pitching is in complete disarray with the starters posting a 2-7 record and three of the starters having ERA’s over 5.00. Mark Melancon allowed five home runs in two innings and was sent to the minors after showing he can’t pitch out of the Red Sox bullpen. 

The Red Sox pitching staff is the worst in the majors with a 6.68 ERA, which is a run-and-a-half worse than next to worst Minnesota Twins, who have posted a 5.23 ERA.

Bobby Valentine may not be in Boston all season, as the fans showed their displeasure with his managing during the game. This team apparently cannot win with the current bullpen setup as they threw gasoline on the fire yesterday, instead of putting out the fire.




  1. youjivinmeturkey

    I Was Able To Watch Both Games, And I Was Sincerely WOWED.
    Phil Humber Looked AMAZING Out There, And I’m Very Happy For Both HIM And The White Sox.
    As For The Yanks Vs BoSox, All I Could Do Was Giggle.
    I Hate The Yanks, But I Also Hate The BoSox. The 7 Runs TWICE Was Pure Insanity hehehe
    I LOVED Watching Bobby V Get Booed HARDCORE By The Fans.
    With A Game Like That, I’d Be Booing SOMEONE Fo SHO! hahaha

    • Andrew Godfrey

      Brad, You saw two great games in their own way. Humber is in his seventh season and nobody gave him a real shot until the White Sox picked him off the waiver wire. It started out a terrible day for the Yankees, but ended up an even worse day for the Red Sox. I am afraid Valentine took the wrong managing job. The Red Sox GM should be on the phone right now to find some real pitchers. Those Red Sox pitchers should have been arrested for impersonating major league pitchers yesterday.

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