Surprising Baseball Stats

It is amazing the way stats jump out of the page they are printed on. I saw where Mark Melancon had allowed five home runs in two innings pitching for the Red Sox in 2012, so decided to check how many home runs he had given up as an Astro in 2011. Then it jumped out at me, when I saw he had given up five home runs in 74 innings, while pitching for the Astros last season. Maybe the move to Boston was not a good one for Melancon, for him to suddenly have so much trouble keeping the ball in the park.

38 Straight Strikes By Bartolo Colon

Bartolo Colon put on a clinic of how to pitch strikes the other day for his Oakland Athletics teammates. He threw 38 consecutive strikes, which is almost unheard of. The previous record was by Tim Wakefield who threw 30 straight strikes once. Best of all Colon won the game and became the second three game winner in the majors this season.

Infante Way Ahead of 2011 Home Run Pace

Omar Infante has hit four home runs in 39 at-bats this season, after hitting seven home runs in 579 at-bats in 2011. Infante didn’t even hit his first home run till May 21 in 2011 and didn’t hit his fourth home run till September 9.  I am not insinuating that he is on steroids, but it sure arouses suspicion to see his slugging percentage suddenly jump 413 points, from .382 to .795.

Cameron Maybin Extension A Mistake?

Teams are handing out extensions like they are going out of style. One extension that hasn’t worked well so far is the Cameron Maybin extension of $32 million, given to Maybin by the San Diego Padres.

First of all Maybin is only a .251 lifetime hitter in the majors, which should have signaled to the Padres to wait at least one more year, before offering him a huge extension. Maybin has done nothing to prove that he deserves the extension.

The fact that compares Maybin’s numbers with Felix Pie is reason enough by itself, to not offer him an extension. The worst thing is that Maybin leads the NL in strikeouts, with 19 in 58 at-bats which is very close to being a third of his at-bats.

His batting average is only .160 this season with one home run and four RBI after 13 games. Looking at his percentage numbers show, that he should never have offered an extension.

On Base Percentage – .246

Slugging Percentage – .260

On Base Plus Slugging Percentage – .506

Maybin is 1-19 against left handers for a .053 batting average.

Time will tell if Maybin will justify the Padres paying him $32 million, but the early returns show the Padres acted too hastily in signing him.



    • Andrew Godfrey

      Sorry…was figuring you would see it at Facebook, but then the main Facebook page changes so fasts, that it would be easy to miss. I don’t understand all these extensions being handed out. It is a risky business for the owners, but the players get their money. That is like John Lannan of the Nationals who is being paid $5 million, even though he wasn’t good enough to make the major league team. I can see why since the Nationals pitching staff has only given up 2 home runs after about 15 games. Amazing about Colon throwing 38 straight strikes.

  1. Peter Stocks

    Can Colon keep it up? Will be interesting in the 2nd half of the season to see how he holds up. A’s are a .500 team at best. Remember, it’s only April and a long way to go.

  2. Andrew Godfrey

    Great question about Colon. He was 6-4 first half with the Yankees in 2011 and 2-6 in the second half. His last win in 2011 was in July 30. Oakland is on a three game winning streak, but are facing Ubaldo Jiminez,tonight, who can be really good or really bad, from one start to the next.

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