Angels Attendance Dropping Despite Presence of Albert Pujols

The Los Angeles Angeles were hoping the acquisition of Albert Pujols would draw more fans to Angels games this year. However, attendance has dropped by 14,536 after the first three home games in 2012. Per game attendance has dropped by 4,845 fewer fans.

Only the San Diego Padres have lost fewer fans this season, compared to their 2011 numbers. Their attendance has dropped a whopping 31,455 fans after five home games. 6,291 fewer Padre fans are attending per game this season.

The Oakland Athletics lead the majors in largest increase, with 37,327 more fans than in 2011. 6,221 more fans are attending per game in 2012.

Milwaukee Brewers have the largest per game increase, despite losing Prince Fielder with 9,276 more fans per game. 

Ten teams have not even played a home game yet, so these attendance statistics will be more meaningful in a couple of weeks. 



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