2012 Baseball Season Starts At 6:10 AM EDT Tomorrow

Play Ball !!!


The 2012 major league baseball season opens in Tokyo, Japan at 6:10 AM CDT in the Tokyo Dome, with a game between the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics. Brandon McCarthy will take the mound for the Athletics, while Felix Hernandez will get the start for the Mariners.

I don’t mind the first game of the season being in Japan, but it makes no sense to play games on Wednesday and Thursday and then no more regularly scheduled games till Wednesday, April 4, when the Cardinals play the Marlins in the first game ever played in the new stadium. That is only game that day.

Then on Thursday, April 5,  there are only seven games being played and nine games being played on Friday, April 6.  All 30 major league teams won’t play till Saturday, April 7.

It makes no sense that there is a six-day gap, from the Mariners-Athletics finishing their two game series, till another regular scheduled game is played on Wednesday, April 4. I can understand there being a two-day gap, to allow the Mariners and Athletics to fly back to the United States, but the six-day gap is complete nonsense.

It is almost like MLB is teasing us, showing us two games, then not showing another game until Wednesday of the next week.


Spring Training Update

The Kansas City Royals could be a team to watch with three of their players, among the leaders in hits this spring.  Lorenzo Cain and Alex Gordon each have 21 hits and are tied with Martin Prado of the Braves for lead in hits. Eric Hosmer of the Royals is second with 20 hits.

Delmon Young and Ryan Raburn of the Tigers are leading in RBI’s this spring with 19 and 18 respectively. Rayburn leads in home runs with 6 and is tied with Alfonso Soriano and Dan Uggla. Young is tied with Shelley Duncan with each hitting 5 home runs.

Adam Dunn leads all players in walks with 12….Another Adam, Adam Loewen of the Mets is the strikeout leader with 20 this spring.

Vladimir Guerrero is working out for Cleveland Indians at their baseball academy in the Dominican Republic. Guerrero has mentioned going to Japan if a major league team doesn’t sign him. Players like Guerrero who are defensive liabilities, are finding it harder to link with a team. Johnny Damon is having the same problem, with no team apparently interested in his services, even though he is close to 3,000 hits. Several veterans trying to hang on are finding it is a buyer’s market.

The Chicago Cubs are scoring a lot of runs this spring. They are second in runs scored with 141, which is behind the major league leading  Toronto Blue Jays with 144 runs scored. Now for the bad news….Cubs pitching leads in runs allowed with 152.

Roy Halladay allowed only 10 home runs in 233 innings during the 2011 season. This spring he has allowed 6 home runs in only 20 innings, which is second most allowed by any pitcher this spring. It is probably way too soon to start worrying about Halladay, considering he has allowed only 3 runs in his last 12.1 innings in two starts. He had allowed 8 runs in 5.2 innings in his previous two starts, so he seems to be ready for the 2012 season.

The New York Mets with 11 and the New York Yankees with 10, find themselves at the bottom in home runs. The Yankees will get their home runs though, when they return to Yankee Stadium, which is a home run haven.

A team to watch this season could be the Toronto Blue Jays who have posted a 19-4 record this spring. The Cleveland Indians re the worst spring team in AL with a 6-15 record and 12 back of the Blue Jays. Texas Rangers are also 12 games behind the Blue Jays.

The St. Louis Cardinals lead the NL this spring with a 13-7 record, but are only a game ahead of the Giants, Dodgers and Padres. The worst team in the NL this spring are the New York Mets with a 6-14 record and 7 games behind the Cardinals.







  1. Hb Haley

    Great info as we get this close! Thanks, Andrew. I can’t wait to sit back, relax and watch a Sox game!! Go White Sox!!

    • Andrew Godfrey

      Thanks HB for reading and commenting. Good to see Adam Dunn hitting again. Now if only Alex Rios would start hitting. Just hope Dunn can hit once the regular season starts. Viciedo had a terrible spring. Maybe he is saving it for the season.

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