MLB Umpire Harry Wendelstedt Dies At 73

Harry Wendlestedt  died on Friday March 9, in a Daytona Beach, Florida Hospital. He was 73. His son Hunter, a major league umpire himself,  said his dad was watching the MLB Network when the ambulance arrived.

Wendelestedt umpired in the major leagues from 1966-1998 during his 33 year career as an umpire. His son Hunter started umpiring the same year his dad retired. There has been a major league umpire named Wendelstedt umpiring in the majors, for the last 46 years and it should be many more years, before his son retires from umpiring.

He is the only umpire in the last 50 years to umpire five no-hit games. Wendelstedt is one of the few major league umpires, that I could easily identify having watched him umpire his entire career.

His most famous call was on May 31, 1968 at Dodger Stadium. Don Drysdale was trying to extend his scoreless inning streak, when Giants catcher Dick Dietz apparently walked with the bases loaded. However, Wendelstedt called the pitch a ball, when he said Dietz didn’t move to avoid being hit and the consecutive innings streak continued for Drysdale.

For more details of his umpiring career:




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