Is $25 Million Contract For Cameron Maybin A Mistake?

The San Diego Padres recently signed Cameron Maybin to a $25 million contract for five years. Maybin who celebrated his 25th birthday yesterday is a good player, but not sure he is worth $25 million.

Just looking at his 2011 statistics shows that his percentage numbers are nothing special with a .264 batting average, .323 OBP, .393 SLG and .716 OPS. The stat that does stand out in his favor is the 44 stolen bases. He will be playing in cavernous Petco Park, so he is not liable to hit more than his career high of nine home runs in 2012.

I saw him hit a home run against the Tennessee Smokies about three years ago, that landed well past the left field fence, when he was in the Miami Marlins organization. However, playing half his games in Petco Park last season limited him to two home runs and 11 RBI at home while hitting seven home runs and driving in 29 on the road.

He did hit .325 in Padres wins, while hitting only .213 in their losses, so that stat may have been a factor in him receiving the $25 million contract. His speed had to be a big part of it, but it didn’t hurt that he hit .375 with runner on third and less than two outs, but it hurt that he hit .148 if runner was on third with two outs.

Maybin doesn’t possess that great of an arm, having only seven assists in 288 major league games, but had never had more than five errors in a season.

Maybin was drafted 10th overall in the 2005 draft in the first round. Players drafted ahead of him like Justin Upton, Alex Gordon, Ryan Zimmerman, Ryan Braun and Troy Tulowitzki have been established players, for their teams for some time, while Maybin had his first 500 at-bat season in 2011.

He has played six years and in the minors and has hit .305 in the minors. His worst season in a season with more than 10 at-bats was a .277 average. He has hit over .300 every other minor league season.

Maybin may prove he is worth the money, but can’t help but wonder if the $25 million contract will add pressure that he doesn’t need right. He will be making the jump from being paid $429,000 last year to being paid $5 million this year, if his contract is divided equally over the length of the contract.

I am hoping that Maybin proves me wrong, but feel the Padres are paying Maybin too much too soon.




    • Andrew Godfrey

      Ron, I agree 100 percent. It took Pete Rose several years to reach $100,000 a year and he was an established player and now Maybin is “earning” $5 million a year as a .255 lifetime hitter in the majors. Nolan Ryan was earning only $200,000 a year after pitching four no-hitters and two 20 win seasons, while Maybin is earning 25 times as much a year at the age of 25.

  1. youjivinmeturkey

    It’s A Mistake, Sir.
    Maybin is a Middle-Of-The-Road Player AT BEST.
    San Diego has a HORRID HISTORY of BAD BAD BAD Contracts, And The Maybin Contract is YET ANOTHER.
    Sadly, I Generally Root-On SD, as I’m a Sucker for UNDERDOGS.
    Looks Like SD Wants People to Consider Them as Such.
    I Just Shake My Head, And Carry On.

    • Andrew Godfrey

      Brad, To be honest I did a doubletake when I saw the Padres had signed Maybin to a $25 million contract. I have always thought of Maybin as a fourth outfielder, but the Padres must know something I don’t know to throw away $25 million. Middle-of-the-road player is right…he is nothing more or nothing less. Now I say that he will probably lead the NL in hitting.

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