Barry Zito Getting Rich By Losing Baseball Games

Barry Zito has never had a winning season with San Francisco Giants.

Barry Zito has posted a 43-61 record with the San Francisco Giants with a .413 winning percentage. Zito was 102-63 for a .618 winning percentage while with the Oakland Athletics. He earned $18.2 million while with the Athletics, but Zito has earned $80 million in five years with the Giants, but won 59 fewer games in only two fewer years of pitching for Giants. He has earned $62.8 million more with the Giants and is still owed another $39 million over the 2012 and 2013 seasons making a total of $119 million.  Giants Hold 2014 Option The Giants hold the option for the 2014 season of $18 million and $7 million buyout. However there are innings pitched clauses that could force the Giants to pay him the $18 million in 2014. Zito never had a losing season with the Athletics and even posted a 47-17 record over his first three seasons, highlighted by a 23-5 record in 2002, which resulted in him winning the Cy Young award. Since being signed by the Giants, he has never posted a winning season.  Never Hit For Extra Bases Seems like the more money he makes the worse pitcher he becomes. Zito is not much help in the batter’s box either. He has never hit for extra bases in 306 plate appearances, having only hit 26 singles in his career. Zito is a prime example of what is wrong with longterm contracts. The Giants could owe him another $57 million if they pick up his 2014 option. Zito has no incentive to win, since he knows he has earned and I use the word earned in its loosest sense $98 million already.  Earning $2 Million a Win When the Giants signed Zito to his longterm contract, they thought they were getting the same pitcher that compiled a 102-63 record in Oakland, but that pitcher never showed up in San Francisco and only has 43 wins after five seasons. Each win by Zito has cost the Giants close to $2 million. The owners never learn though and will continue to sign pitchers to longterm contracts. There will be other Barry Zito type pitchers, posting great numbers in their free agency year and then becoming an albatross for their new team. They will collect the huge salary, but they won’t deliver the wins.


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