Surprising Names On Unsigned Free Agents List

Only 17 free agent position players and 13 free agent pitchers,  remain unsigned with mandatory reporting date three days away on Wednesday.

The most surprising names still on the list are Johnny Damon, Derrek Lee, Magglio Ordonez, Ivan Rodriguez, Vladimir Guerrero and Hideki Matsui among the position players.

Without knowing the details of their offseason dealing some players may be asking for too much money or  they don’t fit with any of the thirty major league teams.

The big surprise among pitchers on the free agent list is Roy Oswalt, who apparently wasn’t happy with the offers made during the offseason and will sit out till he receives the offer he wants from a pennant contender later in the season. He also wanted to be close to home, which I don’t think really matters that much, considering there is no major league team in Mississippi. There would be very few times he would be able to fly home during the season anyway.

Javier Vazquez must  be leaning toward retirement, since haven’t heard about him receiving any offers this offseason.

Arthur Rhodes is the best known reliever not signed but is 41, so may be at the end of his career.

Spring training injuries could result in some of these players being signed. Some teams may also not like what they see in spring training and want to sign some other players on the list.

The three Hall of Fame candidates, Johnny Damon, Ivan Rodriguez and Vladimir Guerrero may be starting their five year wait to be on the Hall of Fame ballot, sooner than they planned.


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