Roy Oswalt To Miss Start of 2012 Season

Roy Oswalt to miss start of 2012 season, apparently not happy with offers made this offseason.
 Roy Oswalt’s agent Bob Garber announced yesterday that Oswalt won’t be pitching at the start of the 2012 major league season. Oswalt apparently felt like he was being low-balled in the offers he received this offseason.
He even turned down a $10 million offer from the Detroit Tigers. However, that was $6 million less than he earned with the Philadelphia Phillies in 2011, when he earned $16 million. ESPN is reporting that Oswalt turned down a $5 million offer by the Red Sox.
Oswalt must have been insulted by the $10 million offer by the Tigers. He has earned $91.9 million during his major league  career, so it is not like he really needs the extra $6 million.
Apparently Oswalt and his agent have been ignoring the fact, that he had a 9-10 losing record in 2011. Why would he expect another team to pay him $16 million when he made only 23 starts last season?  Where is his love for the game of baseball? Has it all come down to money thing now, even though he has earned close to $100 million during his career?
It may still be a smart move for Oswalt if a contender loses a starter to a season-ending injury and is willing to pay him the money he wants. Oswalt wanted to pitch for a team close to his Mississippi home, but how many times during a season is he going to have time to go home during the 162 game schedule?
He is emulating Roger Clemens who was paid a ridiculous $28 million by the Yankees to win six games, when he joined the team in midseason a few years ago.
So Oswalt will return to Mississippi and try to stay in shape and hope to hear from a team desperate enough to sign him. His actions yesterday tell me the game means nothing to him and that he is in baseball only to follow the money. I had a lot of respect for Oswalt before yesterday, but now he is just another greedy athlete wanting more money than he is worth.
Around the Bases….Elijah Dukes made more news off the field during his career than on the field. Now that he is out of baseball the trend is continuing. He was stopped by police on Thursday morning and was charged with attempting to destroy evidence as he tried to eat a bag of pot. It is sad to see a baseball player or any athlete make the wrong decisions in life. He could have been making millions of dollars in the majors, but now is just another criminal….Even the president of the Pittsburgh Pirates Frank Coonelly made a bad decision when he was arrested for four DUI offenses, including driving the wrong way. He has apologized for his conduct to his family and to the Pirates organization.
Jason Bay is a player to watch this season, after earning over $34 million with the Mets in his last two seasons. He only hit 18 home runs and drove in 104 runs in those two seasons, encompassing 910 plate appearances. He had a career year in 2009 with the Red Sox while hitting 36 home runs and driving in 119 runs in 638 plate appearances. Mets still owe him another $32 million before his 2014 option year, when the Mets have the option of signing him for $17 million or buying out his contract for $4 million….Another Met Johan Santana hasn’t pitched since September 2, 2010, threw off the mound for the second time this spring. Santana’s return is critical for the Mets to contend in the NL East. His 3.10 lifetime ERA is second among active starters only bettered by the 2.97 of Tim Lincecum.
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  1. Ron Sayles

    You ask has it all come down to money. The simple answer is YES! Without a doubt and we have Curt Flood to thank for that.

  2. Andrew Godfrey

    Curt Flood and George Steinbrenner. The Boss started paying exorbitant salaries which causes players like Roy Oswalt expecting $16 million even after a bad season, so he takes his baseball and goes home till he is called. Hope nobody calls him, making him wish he had taken the $10 million offer of the Tigers. I liked Roy Oswalt till yesterday.

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