Ryan Braun’s 50 Game Suspension Lifted

The Milwaukee Brewers will have the services of Ryan Braun all season, after an arbitration panel voted 2-1 to overturn his 50 game suspension.

The independent arbitrator Shyam Das made the deciding vote as MLB executive vice president Rob Manfred and the union director Michael Weiner voted as expected leaving Das to make the deciding vote. It raises the question of why management and union officials even vote, since they are going to vote strictly by who they represent.

Braun had to present some compelling evidence to have the suspension overturned. The decision helps the Brewers plan better for the 2012 season, knowing Braun will be available to play.

It was bad enough that the Brewers lost Prince Fielder to the Tigers, but the potential loss of Braun made it look that much worse for the Brewers.

Aramis Ramirez will take up some of the slack for Fielder’s departure, but still is not the offensive force that Fielder was for the Brewers.

Evidently, the long wait was a good sign for Braun, showing it was not an open and shut case. Otherwise, a final decision would have been made months ago.



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