Why the Delay in Ryan Braun Steroids Decision?

Ryan Braun is still waiting for decision by MLB on his possible drug suspension.
Ryan Braun was reportedly told back in October, that he had tested positive for synthetic testosterone. Now it is four months later and there is still no decision on his appeal.
This is a time when baseball commissioner Bud Selig, should have stepped in and forced a timely decision. The delay isn’t fair to Ryan Braun, the Milwaukee Brewers front office or to the  Brewers fans.
Spring training for position players starts soon, so it is only fair to everyone concerned that a decision be made promptly. The delay may be indicative of a situation, as to whether Braun took the steroids for a medical reason.
Even if he accidentally took the steroids, it may be hard to prove that this was the case. All I know is that this has been going on for a long time and a decision needs to be made soon.
The loss of Braun would be devastating for the Brewers, since they already have lost Prince Fielder to free agency. The Brewers depth chart at mlb.com lists only Mat Gamel and Taylor Green as first basemen. The two players have played a total of two major league games at first base. I am surprised the Brewers haven’t signed Derrek Lee, who is still unsigned as of yesterday. Gamel doesn’t seem to be the answer, considering he had an OPS of .302 last season and is expected to replace Fielder who posted a .981 OPS in 2011.
The signing of Aramis Ramirez, should replace some of the offense, provided by Fielder last season but he is not the power hitter that Fielder was. The Brewers front office doesn’t seem to care about the situation at first base, where there are two players vying for the position, but neither seems to come close to replacing a slugger like Fielder.
Bud Selig has a way of avoiding tough decisions, but needs to step up this time and speed up the decision-making process, so the Brewers will know if they are losing their left fielder Braun for the first 50 games  of the season or not.
Hopefully, MLB will announce the status of the possible suspension very soon. Braun, the Brewers front office and their fans have waited long enough.


  1. youjivinmeturkey

    It’s A Fair Question, Dude.
    For The Sake Of THE FANS and THE BREWERS…
    …I’m Hoping It Gets Resolved SOON.
    Baseball Doesn’t Need A Dark Cloud Hanging Over It ALL SEASON 😦
    Keep The Blog Posts Coming, Dude.
    You’ve Sold Me.
    I’ll Keep Comin’ Back!

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