Play Ball!!!!!….Pitchers and Catchers Report Today


Spring training officially starts today in Arizona and Florida as pitchers and catchers report today in preparation for the 2012 major league baseball season.

First Post From Baseball Stats Fanatic
I have been thinking of starting a new baseball blog and being a stats hound decided the name Baseball Stats Fanatic, would be a great name for the blog. Statistics will play a major part in this blog and what better day to start the new blog, than on the first day of spring training as the players prepare for the 2012 major league baseball season. – Andrew Godfrey
Pitchers Scrambling For Jobs
Roy Oswalt is the only front line starter without a team. I look for him to sign this week, so he can get in top condition by opening day. He must not be receiving the kind of offers he expected, for him to not already be signed. Javier Vazquez apparently is considering retiring at 35, even though he is only 464 strikeouts shy of joining the 3,000 strikeouts club. lists only nine free agent starters, who haven’t been signed to a minors or major league contract. Brandon Webb has been working out, but his health issues have limited him to one start since 2008. He pitched 12 minor league innings in 2011 for the Texas Rangers but was very ineffective.
Eight relievers will be on the sidelines today, waiting for a deal to be struck for their services. Arthur Rhodes 41 is still available, but at his age it is questionable whether he will be signed.
Manny Ramirez May Sign With A’s
It is amazing that any team would even consider signing Manny Ramirez, but the Oakland A’s may be on the brink of signing him. If Ramirez is signed, he would have to serve a 50 game suspension before actually playing in a game.
There is no baseball reason to sign Ramirez, since he has one home run and three RBI combined in his last two stops, with White Sox and Rays. The stat that signals his career is over is the .118 OPS with the Rays.


    • Andrew Godfrey

      Ben Sheets wasted the $10 million that the Athletics paid him. Manny Ramirez may have a better attitude, now that he sees he is not a hot commodity now. But that won’t matter if he post an OPS of higher than the .118 he had last year with the Rays.

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