The DiMaggio Brothers and Their Stats

Joe DiMaggio  1914-1999

I have been reading The DiMaggios: Three Brothers, Their Passion For Baseball, Their Pursuit of the American Dream by Tom Clavin. I am only about 52 percent through with the book, but the book has made me curious about their stats. I know Joe has the better numbers and is only Hall of Famer of the three brothers, but Dom and Vince DiMaggio also were good players.

Lifetime Statistics of Joe, Dominic and Vince DiMaggio

Major League Debuts

Joe – May 3, 1936 at age of 21

Vince – April 19, 1937 at age of 24

Dom – April 16, 1940 at age of 23

Years Played

Joe – 13…. Joe not only missed 3 years during World War II, but also played in less than 140 games in 8 of his 13 seasons.

Dom – 11…. Dom also missed 3 years due to World War II.

Vince – 10

Joe and Dom both missed three full seasons during World War II, while Vince played baseball during the war.

Rosalia DiMaggio, Joe, Giuseppe DiMaggio and Joe at Dominic’s wedding.

Plate Appearances

Joe – 7,673

Dom – 6,478

Vince – 4,31


Joe – 2,214

Dom – 1,680

Vince – 959

Dominic DiMaggio 1917-2009

Home Runs 

Joe – 361

Dom – 87

Vince – 125

Runs Batted In

Joe – 1,537

Dom – 618

Vince – 584

Vince, Joe and Dominic DiMaggio

Stolen Bases

Joe – 30

Dom – 100…. Dom led the AL in stolen bases in 1950 with 15.

Vince – 79


Joe – 369…. Joe never struck out more than 39 times in a season.

Dom – 571…. Dom never struck out more than 68 times in a season.

Vince – 837…. Vince led the NL in strikeouts 6 times, with him leading the NL in 1944 with only 83 strikeouts.

This photo is probably the last photo of all three DiMaggio brothers, with Vince, Dominic and Joe appearing at an old timers game in 1986. Vince died on October 3, 1986 at the age of 74, due to cancer ending his life.

Base on Balls

Joe – 790

Dom – 750…. Dom had only 40 less walks than Joe, even though Joe had 1,195 more plate appearances.

Vince – 412

Batting Average

Joe – .325

Dom – .298

Vince – .249

Vince DiMaggio 1912-1986

On Base Percentage

Joe – .398

Dom – .383

Vince – .324

Slugging Percentage

Joe – .579

Dom – .419

Vince – .413

On Base Plus Slugging Percentage

Joe – .977

Dom – .802

Vince .737


Joe – 153

Dom – 147

Vince – 131

Totals For All Three Brothers

Home Runs – 573

RBI – 2,739

There may be some two brother combinations with better numbers, but doubt any other three brothers combination posted these kind of numbers.

Hall of Fame

Joe – Elected to Baseball Hall of Fame in 1955 with 88.8 percent of the vote on his fourth try.

Dom – Peaked at 11.3 percent of vote in 1973.

Vince – Never on the ballot.

All Star Games

Joe – All Star in all of his 13 seasons…. Joe also won 3 AL MVP awards in 1939, 1941 and 1947.

Dom – All Star 7 times.

Vince – All Star twice.

From the Book – There is a great story in the book, about the father of the family, who wasn’t impressed with his sons playing baseball, so he would throw the spikes and glove belonging to Vince in the trash. His mom would retrieve them and give them back to Vince

However, the father suddenly changed his mind about baseball, when Vince placed $1,500 on the table. His dad was OK with baseball after he found out, that ball players actually were making money.

It was interesting to find out that some Pacific Coast League teams were paying their players the same minimum salary, that was being paid to major league players that year.

Joe was not cut out for the family fishing business, because he would throw up from being around the fish on the boat.

Summary – Joe was clearly the best of the three DiMaggio brothers, who played major league baseball, but they all left their mark in baseball history, with all three having played in All Star games. All three were almost exclusively center fielders during their careers. Joe was not the same player after the war. In fact his last season before military service saw his establish career lows at the time in home runs, runs batted in and batting average. It was even worse after his return from the military at the age of 31. He hit more than 30 home runs twice in his last 6 seasons, and he drove in 100 or more runs twice in the last 6 seasons.

Joe, Dominic and Vince may be gone now, but they left an indelible mark on baseball history, that will always be with fans who lived during that era.


Miguel Cabrera: Just How Good of a Player is He?

Miguel Cabrera is hitting .448 and slugging .931 during the month of August.


Miguel Cabrera is playing in his 11th major league season and is only 30 years old. He has 1,952 hits and should have his 2,000th hit while he is still 30. He has a lot of great stats,, but one that stands out for me is that he has never missed more than 12 games in a major league season, which almost certainly means he has never been on the disabled list.

Cabrera only played in 87 games in his debut season, yet hit 12 home runs and drove in 62 runs, then he hit four home runs and drove in 12 in the 2003 postseason, which showed that he was not intimidated, by being on the big stage.

He has hit at least 26 home runs in each of his last 10 full seasons and has driven in 103 or more runs for the last 10 seasons, which includes  the 2013 season, which has 46 games remaining. He should have his second 200 hit season in a row and pick up his 2,000 hit, possibly even in the same game.

Cabrera is not known for his speed, since he has 36 stolen bases in his career, which is same number of stolen bases, as Cal Ripken Jr. retired with. His current .365 batting average, .459 on base percentage, .686 slugging percentage and 1.145 OPS would be career highs if he can maintain those numbers.  All four of those percentages lead the majors currently. His AB per HR rate was 19.1 in 2011, 14.1 in 2012 and a career best 11.4 in 2013.

Even though Cabrera is known for his power today he never hit more than 10 home runs in a minor league season. However, he hit .365, with AA Carolina before being called up by the Marlins in 2003.

Joe Mauer is the only active player ahead of Cabrera in lifetime batting average, with Mauer batting .3224 and Cabrera at .3214. He is 21st in lifetime hits with 1,952, but the 20 players ahead of him are 34 and older, so he will pass most of them up. Robinson Cano is next among 30-year-old players and has 1,583 hits.

Cabrera’s .365 batting average is 35 points ahead of Mike Trout in the AL batting race. He also leads in runs batted in with 109, but trails Chris Davis in home runs 42-36. It still wouldn’t surprise me to see Cabrera win another Triple Crown this year and possibly a major league Triple Crown. ranks Cabrera with seven Hall of Famers at his age, with only Ken Griffey, Jr., Albert Pujols and Andruw Jones not enshrined as yet in the Baseball Hall of Fame. lists Cabrera as 113th in strikeouts with 72 and he has only three more strikeouts than walks, with 69 walks in the 2013 season.

His salary in his rookie season of 2003 was only $165,000, then $320,000 in 2004, $370,000 in 2005 and $472,000 in 2006. He then became a million dollar player in 2007, when the Marlins paid him $7.4 million. He has earned $116 million in his career and is due to receive $22 million in both the 2014 and 2015 seasons.

Cabrera was then traded to the Detroit Tigers on December 4, 2007. The Tigers also received Dontrelle Willis, who flamed out with Detroit after posting a 2-8 record in three seasons. The Tigers still got the best of the trade since they didn’t give up any player, who became a major star.

These are the players that the Tigers gave up in the trade:







The Tigers clearly got the best of the trade, even though only Cabrera remains and Dontrelle Willis was pitching for the independent league Long Island Ducks with a 5-4 record and 2.56 ERA with 52 K’s and 43 BB’s in 87 IP. He was picked up by the Angels and has no minor league record as of today.

Tigers really gave up nothing to acquire Cabrera and Willis, but they have reaped a huge reward in Cabrera, who is undoubtedly the best hitter in the majors today.


Around the Bases

The Pittsburgh Pirates have announced that they are calling up Andrew Lambo, who is leading the minors in home runs with 31. Lambo, who turned 25 yesterday was drafted by the Dodgers in the 4th round in 2007. He has hit a combined .284 for AA Altoona and AAA Indianapolis with 97 RBI. Lambo only hit 5 home runs in 2012. He is in his 7th season of minor league baseball. He should be an upgrade for the Pirates, who have had poor production from the right field position….Mike Trout has called for a lifetime ban for any player using PED’s….Matt Harvey has lost three games this season but his run support has been bad for most of his starts. The Mets have lost games like these, when Harvey gave up one or two runs, May 12 loss of 3-2 to Pittsburgh, when Harvey allowed 2 runs in 7 innings. He had back to back 2-1 losses on June 8 and June 13 to Florida and St. Louis. He then lost to Washington 6-4 on June 28, when he gave up one run in 7 innings. He lost to Washington again on July 26, by a 2-1 score when he allowed no earned runs in 8 innings. He should have had 5 wins in those starts, which would give him 14 wins now.







2013 Milwaukee Brewers Not Scaring Anyone

Milwaukeeans became used to winning, when the Milwaukee Braves played there for 13 seasons and never had a losing season. The Milwaukee Brewers began playing in 1970, but their first team with a winning record didn’t come till 1978, when they posted a 93-69 record. The Brewers followed up that success to post a 95-66 record in 1979 and a 86-76 record in 1980.

The Brewers were eliminated in the 1981 LDCS by a 3 games to 2 margin. They played in their only World Series in 1982, while posting a 95-67 record and losing the 1982 World Series by a 4-3 margin. 26 years would pass before the Brewers were in the playoffs again, when they posted a 90-72 record and lost in the World Series to the St. Louis Cardinals 3 games to 1.

2011 baseball season would find the Brewers 96-66, with a chance to go to World Series, but lost 4 games to 2 to the Cardinals. The Brewers had moved to NL in 1994.

The 2012 Brewers lost 13 more games than the 2011 Brewers had lost. Losing Prince Fielder to free agency and the Detroit Tigers signaled the end to success for the Braves. Corey Hart played first base and hit 30 HR’s and drove in 83 RBI. Brewers finished two games over .500 in 2012.

2013 Brewers were hit by bad news, before the season even started, when Corey Hart was unable to start the season. He still has not played in his first game as the Brewers return to action tonight, after a long All Star break. The 38-56 Brewers are 19.5 games behind the first place St. Louis Cardinals in the NL Central. They are 14.5 games behind in the wild card race, but there are 10 teams ahead of them.

Surprisingly, the Brewers have scored 12 more runs the Pittsburgh Pirates, but have allowed 123 more runs to score than the Pirates. The Brewers are next to last in runs allowed with 440, with only the San Diego Padres allowing more runs in the NL with 445.

Jean Segura who is hitting .325 and Ryan Braun hitting .304 are the only .300 hitters on the team. His .325 average is fourth best in MLB. Segura also leads the NL in hits with 121, which is 3rd in MLB.  Carlos Gomez leads in home runs with 14 and has 21 stolen bases, so has an outside chance to join the 30-30 club.

Braun has a possible Biogenesis suspension hanging over his head, which could make this season even worse and has missed 38 games.

Pitching has been a disaster this season, with no Brewers starter having a winning record. The starters have a combined 27-43 record.

Fielding has been another reason for the dismal season, with 66 errors, which is fourth worst in majors, with only the Dodgers and Nationals having committed more errors, among all National League teams, with both teams having 67 errors.

Main goal for Brewers now is to avoid losing 100 games and if some of their players are traded, to work in younger players in those positions. They would also like to pass the Chicago Cubs, who are 4.5 games ahead of them, so the Brewers could avoid a last place finish.

Exciting Monday Night In MLB

Carlos Gomez robs Joey Votto of a home run in this game ending catch that preserved a 4-3 victory for the Milwaukee Brewers over the Cincinnati Reds.


Monday night was an exciting night for major league baseball fans. These are short recaps of some of the best games last night. It was a night of a 14 inning, 16 inning game and 10 inning game. Bartolo Colon won his 12th game of the season.  Raul Ibanez hit his 22nd home run, which is fourth in the AL and extended his hitting streak to 13 games. Buster Posey had a 5-8 game in San Francisco, while Andrelton Simmons was 0-7 in Miami.


A look at some of the more interesting games last night:


Rangers 8 Orioles 5 – Scott Feldman of the Orioles was rocked in his second start, since being traded by Cubs to the Orioles. He allowed 7 runs, 9 hits and his ERA ballooned to 7.15.  Manny Machado was 3-5 at the plate and raised his batting average to .315, which gave him 122 hits for the season and only 3 hits behind MLB leading Miguel Cabrera with 125.

Tigers 4  Indians 2 (10 innings)  – Torii Hunter, Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder were a combined 1-11 last night in the 10 inning game. However, the Tigers defeated the Indians by a 4-2 score. Max Scherzer allowed 2 runs in 7 innings, while the bullpen held Indians scoreless over the last three innings. Only 23,640 fans attended the game in Cleveland, only filing the stands to 56 percent full.

Athletics 2 Pirates 1 – Bartolo Colon is now 12-3 after the Athletics 2-1 win over the Pirates, who have lost 3 in a row. It was a strange game in that the Pirates outhit the Athletics 9-3 but lost the game 2-1. Jeff Locke who has a major league second best ERA at 2.15 took the loss, but held the Pirates to 2 runs and 3 hits in 7 innings.

Royals 5 Yankees 1 –  Phil Hughes lost the fifth of his last 7 starts in the 5-1 Royals win over the Yankees. He has only won twice since May 10. It is easy to see why the Yankees struggled to score runs last night, after looking at their lineup in last night’s game. These are the batting averages at the end of the game for some of those players:

Travis Hafner .220

Vernon Wells .237

Travis Ishikawa .105

Alex Gonzalez .194

Austin Romine .132

Eduardo Nunez .216

Those six players were a combined 2-16 with Wells having both of the hits. Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter should be returning to the team later this month. They may not hit well at first, upon returning to the team, but can’t hit any worse than the six players mentioned above.

Braves 7 Marlins 1 (14 innings) – The Braves and Marlins both struggled offensively in this game, with both teams scoring one run in the first 13 innings. Andrelton Simmons 0-7, Jason Heyward 1-5, Brian McCann 0-5 and Dan Uggla 1-6 were a combined 2-23 in the game. The Braves may have won the game, but they still have to be concerned about this offense. Kevin Slowey, the starter for the Marlins didn’t allow a run in 5 innings, but the bullpen allowed all 7 runs in the game. 15,745 fans showed up for the game in Miami, which filled the stadium to only 42.1 percent of capacity.

Cubs 8 White Sox 2 – Matt Garza 5-1, 3.22 ERA allowed only one earned run in 7 innings in 8-2 win by the Cubs over the White Sox.. Any scouts at the game saw Garza at his best, so should increase his appeal to contenders needing another starter. Hector Santiago came within two outs of a quality start but took the loss. The Cubs outhit the White 13-5. The only bright spot for the White Sox was rookie Josh Phegley hitting his 2nd major league home run and is slugging .900 after his third major league game.

 pitched and hit the Dodgers to an easy 6-1 win over the Diamondbacks. Greinke pitched 7 scoreless innings and was 3-3 at the plate and is now hitting .370 for the season. The Dodgers hammered out 17 hits, while the Diamondbacks could only muster 4 hits in the contest. Yasiel Puig was 2-5, but the hitting stars for the Dodgers were Hanley Ramirez, Andre Ethier and Greinke who all had 3 hits. Ramirez is hitting .419 but didn’t play his first game this season till June 4, so it is questionable if he will qualify for the batting title this season. Dodgers have now won 13 of their last 16 games. The win moved the Dodgers to within 3.5 games of the first place Diamondbacks in the NL West. They also need only two more wins to reach .500.

Mets 4 Giants 3 (16 innings) – The Mets scored the winning run on a Brandon Crawford error in the 16 inning win for the Mets over the Giants, who have lost 8 of their last 10 games. Gregor Blanco, Brandon Belt, Pablo Sandoval and Hunter Pence  were a combined 3-27 in the game. Matt Harvey and Tim Lincecum each allowed 3 runs and 6 hits in 7 innings before leaving the game. The  Giants used Sergio Romo in the ninth inning, but the Mets saved their closer Bobby Parnell in the 16th inning as he notched his 16th save of the season.The game last 5 hours and 26 minutes.

Looking at the Standings

The Tampa Bay Rays have the longest winning streak in MLB at 5 games….Any team that is 10 or more games behind the division leader is probably out of the race for the season. Twins, White Sox, Mariners and Astros are the teams in that category in the AL. The NL has Mets, Marlins and Brewers as the only teams 10 or more games behind as of today….Hottest team in last 10 games are the Rays with a 9-1 record, while the Padres are the coolest, with a 0-10 record in their last 10 games….Dodgers at 43-45 are the only second place team in MLB with a losing record….Pirates are 2-5 in June and have lost their last two series to the Phillies and Cubs and they need to win the next two games against the A’s to avoid losing their third straight series.











2013 Baseball Season At The Halfway Mark

With most major league teams at or near the halfway mark this is a good time to assess the 2013 season so far. Red Sox have already played 84 games, so are already 3 games past the halfway mark, while Twins have played only 78 games.

Looking At Standings

AL East – The Yankees played their 81st game yesterday and slid down into fourth place behind the Rays who moved to third place. Yankees ended their first half by losing five in a row and are 3-7 in their last 10 games. Red Sox won their 50th game yesterday, but hold only a 2.5 game lead over the Orioles. Chris Davis hit his 31st home run of the major league leading 115 hit by the Orioles. Blue Jays won ten in a row earlier in June, but then reverted to their losing ways losing 5 of their last 7 in games against the Rays and Red Sox.

AL Central – Indians at 7-3 are only AL Central team with a winning record in their last 10, while first place Tigers are 4-6 in that span and seem to be sliding. Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander are a combined 20-5 in 2013, while the rest of the starters are 17-17. Prince Fielder only has 13 home runs, which is 18 less than the AL leading Chris Davis with 31. Tigers are one percentage point ahead of the Indians, with the Royals 4.5 games behind the Indians. The Twins are still in striking distance at 6.5 games out of first place. The White Sox are just killing time now till the end of the season and should be sellers before the trading deadline arrives in late July. White Sox have to win 15 in a row, just to get back to playing .500 baseball, so almost no chance of them recovering from a terrible start.

AL West – Rangers are holding a half game lead over the Athletics. Angels have moved to within 9 games of the first place Rangers, but still are 8.5 behind the second place Athletics. Mariners and Astros are doomed to finishing fourth and fifth this season, since the Angels are pulling away from them, since they are currently in a 6 game winning streak. This is a three team race, if the Angels stay hot for a while.


NL East – Braves have the largest lead in majors at 6.5 games over the Nationals, but the Braves have to have concerns about the offense being hot and cold this season. The 11 shutouts pitched against them is a major concern. Nationals are hoping the return of Bryce Harper can get the Nationals going again. Phillies still have a remote chance of getting back in the race and perhaps winning a wild card bid, with them trailing the Braves by 9.5 games. The Mets and Marlins should be sellers when the trading starts, since they don’t seem to be factors in the NL East race.

NL Central – It was thought that the Cardinals and Reds would be battling for the NL Central title. But both teams find themselves behind the surprising Pirates, who have won 51 games and could be in the race to the end. Cardinals are 2 games behind the Pirates, while the Reds are surprisingly 5.5 games behind the Pirates. The season is more or less over for the Cubs and Brewers who are so far behind, they almost certainly will be sellers this month.

NL West – Only 4 games separate the first place Diamondbacks and the last place Dodgers, so this division is up for grabs right now at least. The Rockies despite the loss of Troy Tulowitzki are only 2 games out of first place. Padres are only 2.5 games out while the Giants who are 2-8 in their last 10 games are 3 games behind the Diamondbacks. This race is too close to even call, since all five teams have a chance of winning the NL West title. Dodgers seem to be playing better, since Hanley Ramirez returned from the DL.

Surprises This Season – The biggest surprise of the season has been the hitting of rookie Yasiel Puig who posted 44 hits in June, despite not joining the Dodgers till the third game of the month. It would be great for baseball, if he makes the All Star team, but it may cause some hurt feelings, by players who might miss out on the All Star game because of Puig….Chris Davis has hit an amazing 31 home runs and has driven in 80 runs, while hitting .332. Davis only hit 33 home runs and drove in 85 runs in 2012, so he is close to matching those numbers and probably will by the All Star break….There was no doubt that Manny Machado was a good player, but he has taken his game to a new level in 2013. Machado leads the majors with 38 doubles, 2nd in hits in MLB with 115….Jean Segura of the Brewers has shown why the Brewers insisted that Segura be included in the Zack Greinke trade. Segura is 3rd in MLB in hits with 105 and 5th in batting average in MLB with a .327 batting average….Patrick Corbin of the Diamondbacks has rebounded from his 6-8 record in 2012 to posting a 9-0 record in 2013. Matt Harvey is 7-1 and his 152 strikeouts lead all NL pitchers. His 2.00 ERA also tops the NL and is 2nd best in MLB. His 0.85 WHIP leads the majors.

Cole Hamels has been a surprise in a negative way with his 2-11 record in 2013. If he had won only 3 of those games the Phillies would be in the thick of the NL East race….It was a surprise that R.A. Dickey the 2012 NL Cy Young Award winner allowed 6 or more runs five times in the 2013 season. His record was 4-7 on May 30, but he has won four of his last five decisions for a 8-8 record currently. His 18 home runs allowed in 2013 is second worst among all MLB pitchers. Dickey was 12-1 on this date last year.


Around the Bases….Michael Cuddyer who is currently on a 27 game hit streak has moved to within one point of NL leading Yadier Molina with Molina hitting .345 to the .344 of Cuddyer….Adam Dunn continues to be an enigma with him being 4th in home runs in AL with 21, but hitting an anemic .198. This makes it difficult for Jim Leyland  to name him to the AL All Star team, since the purpose of the game is to win home field advantage for the AL and Dunn is as likely to strike out as to hit a home run in the midsummer classic. He is not really earning his $15 million salary this season, since he is a one dimensional player….Yankees are playing now like they were expected to play till their stars started returning. Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira have played a combined 23 games so far this season. Vernon Wells was productive earlier in the season, but has regressed badly lately. He hit .300 in April, .221 in May and .133 in June. He also walked only once in June while striking out 17 times. Travis Hafner also started well hitting .318 in April then tumbled to .179 in May and .174 in June. Lyle Overbay has not hit well for average all season hitting .241 in April, .253 in May and .219 in June, but was a run producer earlier in the season. He drove in 12 runs in April, 17 in May and then down to 5 in June.

Only the White Sox, Astros and Mariners have scored fewer runs than the Yankees in 2013.  They are next to last in batting in the AL with a .239 average and only two points ahead of the last place Astros and Seattle tied at .237….Marlins with 47 home runs in 2013 are 68 home runs behind the Orioles with 115….Pirates have the lowest ERA in MLB with a 3.11 mark. Astros have the worst ERA at 4.69….Pirates have thrown the most shutouts with 12, while the Astros and Cubs have a major league worst total of one….Cardinals lead in complete games with 6, while 9 teams have yet to throw a complete game….Tigers are missing Anibal Sanchez, since his replacement Jose Alvarez lost today to the Blue Jays by a 8-3 score and his ERA jumped from 3.78 to 5.03 today. Prince Fielder hit his 14th home run today in the loss. However, Omar Infante hit a home run 73 feet further than the Fielder home run. The loss dropped the Tigers a half game behind the first place Indians in the AL Central. Blue Jays moved to within 1.5 games of the 4th place Yankees in the AL East. We can expect some wheeling and dealing from Yankees if they fall into last place.

Miguel Cabrera, Troy Tulowitzki Contending For Triple Crown

Miguel Cabrera

Troy Tulowitzki

The 2013 baseball season is about 40 percent finished, but Miguel Cabrera and Troy Tulowitzki are contending for the Triple Crown. Cabrera is leading the AL with a .363 batting average. Jhonny Cabrera his Detroit Tigers teammate and Chris Davis of the Orioles are 25 points behind Cabrera at .338.

Chris Davis leads in home runs in the AL with 20, but Cabrera is only three behind with 17. I look for Cabrera to pass Davis eventually, if Davis hits a cold streak.  Cabrera leads in RBI by a large margin, with him having 67 and Davis trailing by 15 RBI with 52.

Troy Tulowitzki isn’t leading in any of the Triple Crown categories, but is in striking distance in all three. He trails batting leader Yadier Molina by 3 points, with Molina hitting .354 and Tulowitzki at .351. Tulowitzki is 3rd in home runs with 16 and only trails Dominic Brown with 19 and Colorado Rockies teammate Carlos Gonzalez with 17. Paul Goldschmidt leads the NL in RBI with 58, with Tulowitzki second with 51.

Puig Finishes First Week In Majors

Yasael Puig excited the Dodger faithful, when he made his major league debut last Monday and continued to hit well as the week went on. Puig finished his first week hitting .364, with 4 HR’s and 10 RBI. Puig leads the Dodgers in all four percentage statistics, with a .364 batting average, a .483 OBP, slugging percentage of .964 and a 1.447 OPS. He has already hit as many homers (4) as Andre Ethier in only 28 at bats, while Ethier has four in 201 at bats.  The Dodgers were 4-3 during Puig’s first week with the team. The Dodgers still need someone besides Adrian Gonzalez and Yasiel Puig to lead the team offensively. The attendance for Puig’s debut was 37,055 and increased each game through Saturday, when 52,716 showed up for the 2-1 loss to the Atlanta Braves. For some reason the attendance dropped to 39,028 yesterday, which was a drop of over 13,000 fans. Nobody expects Puig to keep hitting like he did the first week, but even when he levels out he should be a much better hitter, than an average major league hitter.

Buchholz Leads AL in Wins and ERA

Clay Buchholz leads the AL in wins with 9 and in ERA at 1.71. Buchholz has allowed more than two runs, in a game only once in twelve starts. ESPN projects Buchholz to post a 23-0 record in 2013. The stat that jumps out at me is that he has allowed only two home runs in 84 innings. ESPN projects Buchholz to allow five home runs in 213 innings, which is very few home runs, over that many innings in a season.

Blue Jays Moves Possible

With the Blue Jays firmly ensconced in last place in the AL East there could be some moves made, before the trading deadline in July. The Blue Jays were anticipating the 2013 season with high hopes, after the acquisition of Mark Buehrle, Josh Johnson and R.A. Dickey. However all three have been a disaster for the most part with the three starters combining for only seven wins in 32 starts. Dickey has been hammered with him allowing six runs in two starts and giving up seven runs in two other starts.

Jose Reyes was hitting .395 when he went on the DL, but only played in 10 games. Melky Cabrera is not hitting with power with only three home runs and 23 RBI in 27 at bats. Meanwhile Mark DeRosa who has batted only 81 times has one more home run than Cabrera with four and only two less RBI with 21 than Cabrera.

Matt Adams Slugging .552 As Bench Player

The Cardinals may feel fortunate to have so much depth, that Matt Adams is a bench player despite his hefty .552 slugging percentage, not to mention his .313 batting average. However the 24-year-old Adams can’t be too happy to be in this situation much longer, but the Cardinals have no plans to trade him. Adams has nothing to prove in the minors having a .318 lifetime batting average and a .563 slugging percentage, while hitting 83 home runs and driving in 293 runs. His presence does give the Cardinals flexibility, if another player is injured during the season.

Around the Bases…..

Carlos Zambrano doesn’t like pitching in relief, but has pitched well in the minors with a 2-0 and 0.55 ERA, while pitching for Clearwater in A+ ball and Reading in AA ball. He has allowed one run and struck out 12 in 16 innings….It was no surprise that the New York Mets released Rick Ankiel and demoted Ike Davis to the minors. Ankiel fared no better with the Mets, than he had with the Houston Astros earlier this season. The Mets were very patient with Davis hoping he would regain the magic of the last half of the 2012 season. He had five home runs at the end of May in 2012, but wound up hitting 32 home runs for the season. Davis only played 55 games in AA and 10 games in AAA, before being called up by the Mets, so maybe he was too rushed to fully develop as a major league caliber player.

Derek Lowe has apparently played his last major league game as a major leaguer at the age of 40. He posted a 176-157 record in the majors, before being released by the Texas Rangers last month….Jose Iglesias who has been filling in for Will Middlebrooks at third base for the Boston Red Sox may be in the same situation as Matt Adams of the Cardinals, when Middlebrooks returns. Iglesias hits for average, but can hit with the power that Middlebrooks can provide. Iglesias should see little playing time, upon the return of Middlebrooks. Iglesias is currently in the middle of a 13 game hitting streak. He has hit consistently over .400, while hitting .450 in April, .423 in May and .464 and is currently hitting .446. He is hitting an astounding .536 against lefthanders, hitting .486 on the road and is hitting much better than the .118 he hit for Red Sox in 2012. Iglesias has no power with two home runs in 148 major league at bats and has not shown much speed with two stolen bases in 57 games.